About Us

With our experience and skilled team in the international area, we offer the most effective, fast and reliable services to our customers in the fields of survey and shipping agency.


Atlas Shipping’s

Atlas Shipping’s extensive shipping agency, range of survey and marine services fulfill every need of our customers via our offices both in Turkiye and The Netherlands.

Our Mission

As Atlas Shipping B.V., we aim to provide reliable, quality, and objective service 24/7 by minimizing the risks, profoundly increasing the productivity and managing all processes professionally in the light of inclusionary manner of administration.

Our Vision

To be able to provide the most effective survey to our customers, we enhance and improve our administrative systems continuously according to legal obligations. By achieving this, we aim to create a safe and healty work environment for our employees and customers.


  • Providing top-notch service

  • Objectivity, transparency and taking honesty as a fundamental principle.

  • Competing the rival righteously

  • Prioritizing the safety of customer information

  • Giving priority to environmental safety and occupational health